Korea University
Laboratory for Eco-Metallurgy


The Laboratory for Eco-Metallurgy (LEM) is devoted to research related to the eco-material, eco-process, and recycling for eco-system. LEM was established in 2005 as Prof. Joonho Lee joined the department of Materials Science and Engineering at Korea University. The original name was Laboratory for Interface Science and Process Control Technolgy (LIPT), and the name was changed to LEM in 2010.

- Eco-material includes zinc coated advanced high strength steels (IF, DP, TRIP, TWIP, etc.), 400 series stainless steels, lead-free solder alloys, solder nanoparticles.

- Eco-process aims at increasing energy efficiency of conventional metallurgical processes such as blast furnace as well as developing alternative processes such as FINEX and microwave processing.

- Recycling for eco-system focuses on recover useful elements from industrial wastes such as mill scale, dust, slag, etc.