Current Research Projects

Improvements of reaction efficiency in FINEX smelter (2013~2016, Posco)
Estimation of thermo-physical properties of molten metals at high temperatures using the non-contacting levitation technique (2012~2016, NRF, Korea)


Completed Research Projects

Terrestrial experiments for the analysis of the effect of oxygen on the thermophysical properties of liquid alloys under microgravity condition (2012~2015, NRF, Korea)
Thermophysical properties of glass (2012, Samsung Corning)
Decrease of reducing agent by improving reaction and dripping efficiency of burden material (2010~2013, Posco)
Development of process for composition and cooling control of molten slag (2010~2015, KEIT, Korea)
Recovery of phosphorus from steelmaking slag (2009~2011, KEITI)
Manufacture technology of energy-reducing alloy steel - High functional alloy metal (2009~2012, KEIT)
Development of next generation nano lead free solders (2008~2010, NRF, Korea)
Reduction and melting behavior of carbon composite HCI of FINEX process (2007~2010, Posco)
Effect of Alloying Elements on the Wettability of High Strength GA Plates by Molten Zinc (2007~2010, Posco)
Wetting Behavior of Slags on Refractories at High Temperatures (2007~2008, Posco)
Formation of large-sized lead-free tin solder balls with self-assembled egg-type microstructure (2007~2009, NRF, Korea)
Metal recovery from EAF dust using the microwave processing (2006~2009, KETEP)
Mechanism of carbon pick-up in high-Cr STS by the reactions between molten metal, slag and refractory (2006~2007, Posco)
Application of Interface Technology in Steelmaking (2005, Posco)
A Study on the Phase Stability of Nanometer-sized Metallic Fine Particles on Solid Substrates (2005~2006, KRF)